Tattoo by H.S.


Born and raised in Astoria, Queens, NYC. Tattooing since 1992 - the birth of what is now Olde Monk Ink -managed to bounce around for a bit through the five boroughs, and got a little past that too. From NYC to Jersey to the Jazz pumpin bars of NOLA, as well as rollin through the Old World of Europe, you learn to appreciate many things. New places, new faces, new ideas, new techniques... Many a thing that should be absorbed. Absorbed in the regard that we will progress, not regress. As far as NYC, that would be the origin. THE FOUNDATION. No matter where I may find myself. Above all, the fuel and the spark that drives the soul... They say that energy is neither created or destroyed, it only changes, kinda like the pages of a book - movin' along... only thing is, we ain't readin'... WE WRITIN'

"There are those of us who not only have the motivation, but the will to lift and carry us, to where and whatever the case, circumstance or situation my be. MOTIVATION IN MOTION - ONE BREATH AT A TIME"